How to Get Ready For Your First Off-Roading Trip

21 April 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If you have a truck that you can't wait to take off-roading, there are some things to know first. The first time you head out to the trails, regardless of the terrain, you need to be aware of how to get our truck ready and some basic tips for participating in this activity safely.

Make Vehicle Upgrades

Unless the truck you have was built for off-roading, there are some upgrades you will likely need to make. One of the more important areas of the truck to get ready for off-roading is the tires. Make sure you have good tread and tires that are large enough to accommodate off-roading. You can visit a local tire shop to find out for sure if the ones you have chosen will work. With bigger tires, you might also need a lift kit, which is also recommended for off-roading. Some mechanics will be able to make all upgrades at one time if you let them know what you want to do. Other upgrades you might want to make include sticking to steel or cast alloy wheels and ensuring you have brakes with proper gripping power.

Bring Along Supplies and Essentials

Another thing you need to do before you head out for your off-roading trip is to bring along supplies, which includes anything you might need during the trip. It includes bringing along a tow rope in case you get stuck, spare tires, an air compressor, and a navigational system. You should also have auto repair supplies just in case, such as a high lift jack, winch, fluids and extra fuel, and a variety of small hand tools. It is also a good idea to bring a shovel, first aid kit, extra fully-charged mobile phone, and a fire extinguisher.

Learn How to Control the Vehicle

One of the more difficult parts of off-roading for beginners is maintaining good control over the vehicle. You should be starting slow so you get used to the proper way of handling the steering wheel during the excursion. While many beginners think the trick is to hold as tightly as possible to the steering wheel, the opposite is actually true. You need to have a loose grip so you don't injure your hands if there is kick-back. If you have a dead pedal on the left, that is a great thing to have, but you should never use the clutch pedal in its place. After using the clutch pedal, move your foot away from the pedal. Practice these methods of controlling your vehicle before you go off-roading.

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