What You Should Expect After Installing A 4WD Lift Kit On Your Vehicle

4 August 2016
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If you want your 4WD vehicle to look meaner on the road and to become better at off-road driving, a lift kit is a great aftermarket addition to have installed. This kit elevates your vehicle's suspension by a few inches, creating quite the drastic change in your vehicle's look & performance. But how exactly does this affect you once the process is complete? Find out below.

Better visibility

You may not think it's much but even 3 inches of added ground clearance will drastically change the way you see the road ahead. Perched on a higher position, you will now be able to see farther ahead. Think of it as being at the same level with the driver of a small truck. This added height is a good thing. On the road, you will be able to evaluate the traffic and road routes better. Off road, you will see obstacles from afar and will consequently avoid bad sections before you get to them.

Increased public attention         

One of the other things you will notice once your vehicle has been fitted with a lift kit is that you're going to start getting lots of attention from the public.  A vehicle fitted with a suspension lift kit is very conspicuous and alluring. People will stare at the vehicle, and at you, as they measure it up. Don't be surprised if drivers give you friendly honks or take photos of your truck.

Improved suspension

Behind the wheel, the lift kit will give your suspension an immediate transformation, especially if you have added larger wheels and improved shocks. Your vehicle will handle bumps and rough terrains without passing lots of the impact to you, and the improved clearance will allow you to seamlessly drive over rocks without grazing the underbelly of your vehicle. If driving over a rocky terrain, expect less tyre-lift and better traction.

Boarding & alighting challenges

Lots of drivers never foresee this last factor. Sitting at a raised position, one will require a bit more effort and caution to embark or disembark from the vehicle. If your vehicle has a side step ladder, that will help. If not, you will have to learn how to heave yourself up into the truck and how to lower yourself slowly down when alighting. If you have kids, you will most likely have to hoist them up or provide them with a small steel ladder to board.

And that's pretty much it. But don't forget to go for quality parts as is required in any aftermarket customization. This means choosing a trusted lift kit brand such as Tough Dog Suspension.