Why Take Your Vehicle to a Shop for Smash Repairs?

24 March 2017
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Vehicle smash repairs are easier to manage on your own than ever before; car owners can even buy kits that have the tools needed to pull out a dent and then paint over the area to make it look like new. However, this isn't always the best choice for smash repairs, as it's still often better to have a shop manage these repairs for you, even if the damage seems minor. Read More 

What You Should Expect After Installing A 4WD Lift Kit On Your Vehicle

4 August 2016
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If you want your 4WD vehicle to look meaner on the road and to become better at off-road driving, a lift kit is a great aftermarket addition to have installed. This kit elevates your vehicle's suspension by a few inches, creating quite the drastic change in your vehicle's look & performance. But how exactly does this affect you once the process is complete? Find out below. Better visibility You may not think it's much but even 3 inches of added ground clearance will drastically change the way you see the road ahead. Read More 

Five Options for Hauling Your Forklift Across the City

8 July 2016
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Moving your forklift across the city can seem daunting, but it certainly isn't impossible. You just need the right mode of transportation. Here's a look at some of the options: 1. Tilt-Deck Trailer If you own, borrow or hire a tilt trailer, that can work for moving your forklift. These trailers have a built-in tilt that allows you to drive your forklift right on. Ideally, the trailer needs to be designed for moving equipment, and it needs anchors so you can chain the forklift in place so it doesn't' shift as you move it. Read More