How to Ensure You Keep Yourself Safe if You’re an Experienced Driver in Wet Conditions

16 May 2017
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If you're a relatively inexperienced driver you may not have been out much in very rainy weather. Driving lessons and driving tests may not have helped you very much, as these all tend to take place in dry conditions. With the rainy season approaching in your part of the country, what do you need to know about best driving practices and the equipment that you use on your car, before the deluge begins? Read More 

Car Service: Four Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair

4 May 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

A well-maintained car that's serviced regularly ensures safety while driving, provides comfort, and minimises repair expenses. However, even with proper maintenance, some car components may develop faults or wear out, and this will necessitate immediate repairs. One of the parts that you need to watch out for is the suspension system. The suspension system controls the bouncing movements of your vehicle, especially when driving on a rough road. A faulty suspension can affect the performance of the car and cause wear to other critical components as well. Read More 

Terms to Learn When Choosing Medium-Duty Tyres and Wheels

28 April 2017
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Medium-duty tyres and wheels are best used on pickup trucks, for the family SUV, and for pulling weight behind your vehicle. These tyres and wheels will usually be larger, heavier and more able to grip the road despite that heavier weight, and despite the resistance of a trailer behind your vehicle. Note a few terms to learn when choosing medium-duty tyres and wheels so you know you are getting the best option for your vehicle and are happy with your choice for years to come. Read More 

Important Features to Look for When Renting a Moving Truck

24 April 2017
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When renting a moving truck, you may not realize the many options you have to choose from; while most moving trucks have a standard boxy cargo area, you need to look past the square footage of storage inside the truck and consider the other features available as well. These added features can help make your move easier and also ensure your cargo is properly contained. Note a few important features to look for the next time you're moving and need to get a truck. Read More 

Never Overlook a Used Caravan That Just Needs a Face-Lift!

18 April 2017
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A used caravan can be a great purchase for any family, as caravans are meant to last for years and can offer your family lots of flexible and affordable holidays. If you are shopping around for used caravans, never be put off by the appearance of something that seems just a bit outdated. Remember that many used caravans are structurally sound and well-maintained but might just need a quick face-lift, or a few cosmetic changes, to make it truly your own. Read More