Never Overlook a Used Caravan That Just Needs a Face-Lift!

18 April 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


A used caravan can be a great purchase for any family, as caravans are meant to last for years and can offer your family lots of flexible and affordable holidays. If you are shopping around for used caravans, never be put off by the appearance of something that seems just a bit outdated. Remember that many used caravans are structurally sound and well-maintained but might just need a quick face-lift, or a few cosmetic changes, to make it truly your own. Note a few of those simple changes you might consider for a quality used caravan.

Exterior paint

Yes, you can paint the exterior of a caravan! If the body is made of aluminium, you can use paint made for metal; car body paints are a good choice. You also need to prepare the body for painting as you would any other metal surface, with a good power washing and then some sanding and filling of rusted spots. Also, use a paint sprayer and not rollers so the paint applies evenly to the ridged area of the caravan body. Painting the exterior this way can make a caravan look brand new and also gives you a chance to add a fun stripe or two-tone design that is uniquely your own.


A dingy bathroom can make you cringe, but if the plumbing connections of a used caravan are in good shape, don't pass up the purchase. You can very easily remove an old tub or shower surround and install a new one in that same footprint. A porcelain toilet can make the caravan feel more like a home, as can a new sink. All of these are very easy for owners to install on their own, as there is rarely any new plumbing that needs to be run through a caravan for replacement bathroom pieces; simply use the right adhesives and connect the plumbing hoses, bolt the piece in place, and you then have a beautiful new bathroom.


If the windows of a caravan seem a bit outdated because of a vinyl frame, these are easy to replace. However, an even quicker fix is to add oversized residential curtains. Look for curtain panels, which are long but thin square pieces and which fit very well in a caravan. Hang them just above and just outside the window frame, so you don't block any sunlight but tone down the look of older windows. The fabric of the curtains can also soften the look of vinyl walls in the caravan and make the space seem more relaxing.