Important Features to Look for When Renting a Moving Truck

24 April 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When renting a moving truck, you may not realize the many options you have to choose from; while most moving trucks have a standard boxy cargo area, you need to look past the square footage of storage inside the truck and consider the other features available as well. These added features can help make your move easier and also ensure your cargo is properly contained. Note a few important features to look for the next time you're moving and need to get a truck.

Flat flooring

Some moving trucks will have a ledge over the front wheel wells, which can actually reduce the amount of space you have to pack your things. If you know you're going to need every square inch or centimetre in the back of a moving truck, look for one with a flat floor option. This will ensure that area is not cut off or hindered by that wheel well enclosure.

Wood or nonslip flooring

Look for a truck advertised with a wood or nonslip flooring, especially for longer distances. The more stop-and-go traffic you hit during your move, the more likely it is that your items in the back of the truck will slide around. A nonslip flooring can also be safer for you as you pack and unpack your items. Don't take it for granted that all moving trucks will have nonslip floors, but check for this feature in particular before renting a truck.


Will your move be at night? If so, consider a truck with roof and interior lights. If there are no lights inside the cargo area, this can make it very difficult to see to move your items, and flashlights are cumbersome to hold while you're trying to manage a hand truck or dolly! Roof lights can also illuminate your pathway and make it generally easier to move after dark.

Built-in ramp

Never assume that a truck will have a built-in ramp; many moving trucks are built to sit lower to the ground, so they're easier for drivers to control. However, this can also mean that there is no ramp provided at the back of the truck. In turn, you'll need to step up and down during loading and unloading, or may want to put a stepper of some sort in front of the truck. This can make moving more physically difficult and also more dangerous, if you should miss that step or take a tumble off it. Look for a truck with a built-in ramp so you know you'll be safe and the move will be as convenient as possible.