Five Options for Hauling Your Forklift Across the City

8 July 2016
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Moving your forklift across the city can seem daunting, but it certainly isn't impossible. You just need the right mode of transportation. Here's a look at some of the options:

1. Tilt-Deck Trailer

If you own, borrow or hire a tilt trailer, that can work for moving your forklift. These trailers have a built-in tilt that allows you to drive your forklift right on. Ideally, the trailer needs to be designed for moving equipment, and it needs anchors so you can chain the forklift in place so it doesn't' shift as you move it.

2. Tandem-Axle Trailer

These popular trailers can work to transport a forklift in some cases. So you can load the forklift, it needs to have a gate you can pull down and use as a ramp. If it doesn't, building a makeshift ramp doesn't work well. It's very hard to get a ramp that can support the weight of the forklift on the top edge of the ramp if it's not anchored to the trailer, as an attached gate is.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the suspension on your tandem-axle trailer is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a forklift. If you only bought the trailer to move lawn equipment or relatively lightweight dirt bikes, it may not be strong enough to hold your forklift.

3. Low Clearance Equipment Trailer

These trailers can be even more effective than tilt-deck trailers. The main advantages is that they have the lowest loading height of most trailers.

The trailer features a seven degree load angle, reducing the chance of tipping while loading. The trailer deck of many low-clearance equipment trailers feature floor plates that grip the wheels of your forklift, helping it to stay in place. Finally, on these trailers, your forklift is positioned perfectly, so you can easily keep an eye on it from the cab of your truck.

4. Professional Tow Truck With Roll-Off Option

If you don't have a trailer or cannot find one to borrow, you have to pay to hire one, and as you're already spending money, you may want to compare the cost of using a professional tow truck with a roll-off option. Rather than towing your forklift with a towing chain, these trucks allow you to drive your forklift on, and then they move it. However, the grade of most tow trucks is a bit steep for the stability of many forklifts.

5. Forklift Hauling Service

Rather than moving your forklift by yourself or hiring a tow truck to do it, you may want to turn to the experts. Professional forklift hauling services have the equipment and trailers you need to move your forklift safely. They are also experienced with moving forklifts, and that ensures that your forklift is moved with the utmost caution from professionals who understand the process.