Three tips for an amazing weekend getaway

15 September 2016
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If you're in dire need of a break, but can't afford to take a standard two-week holiday, a weekend getaway is the perfect alternative, enabling you to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation without having to take lots of time off work. Here are three tips for a fantastic trip.

Don't try to fit in too many activities

If you're heading off to a destination that is known for its many cultural attractions, it can be tempting to try to visit as many of them as possible during your stay. However, an overfilled itinerary will almost certainly leave you and your travel companions feeling exhausted and stressed out; you'll end up rushing from place to place, without really taking the time to soak up the sights you're visiting.

As such, it's best to be a bit more realistic about what you can do during your brief trip. Spend an hour or two researching your chosen destination with the people you intend to travel with, and choose just two or three attractions that all of you genuinely want to see. Creating a smaller 'to-do' list will ensure that you don't spend the weekend feeling pressured and worn-out. 

Invest in a rental car

During a short break, you don't have a huge amount of time to spare. Because of this, it's rarely a good idea to rely on public transport to ferry you from place to place, as it could easily result in you wasting much of the weekend waiting around for delayed trains, or worse yet, sitting on a broken-down bus. Instead, look online for a company that can provide you with a car for rent in your chosen town or city. Having your own transport will provide you with the freedom to explore your destination without having to worry about things like bus and train schedules. 

Pack light

Packing lightly will make your trip a lot more enjoyable; there's nothing more annoying than having to ferry around a large, cumbersome suitcase, brimming over with more clothing than you could ever possibly wear in one weekend. Be strategic with your clothing choices; aim to bring a small number of items that you can mix and match to create different outfits. It's also a good idea to throw a few small accessories into your suitcase too, as donning a colourful hat, belt or scarf is a great way to alter the appearance of an outfit, so that you can wear it more than once.