4 Reasons to Rent an Economy Vehicle Instead of Something Larger

24 March 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When you rent a vehicle, it can be tempting to go for something fancier than you're used to or even the same kind of car that you have at home. However, you'd be surprised at just how much more beneficial it can be to go for an economy car. These will usually be the smallest vehicles in a rental company's inventory, though they will still offer seating for five and enough space for your luggage.

Here are just four reasons why it makes sense to rent an economy vehicle.

1. Lower Upfront Cost

As you can probably guess, an economy car makes the most economical choice. If you're heading out on business and need a vehicle with wow factor or if you need plenty of room to take the whole family, an economy vehicle might not be ideal. However, most people will find that one suits their purposes perfectly, and using a larger car will only help raise costs. It's common for economy vehicles to be quite a few dollars cheaper each day, and those savings can add up quickly.

2. Stronger Efficiency Ratings

If lower costs sound right up your alley, you'll be pleased to hear that economy vehicles generally burn a significantly lower amount of fuel than even a sedan, let alone an SUV or a minivan. MPG ratings are going to be strongly in your favour, so you don't need to spend as much money topping up the tank. This will also make your drive more eco-friendly, and being able to go further on a single tank is advantageous while covering the longer stretches often faced between major Australian cities and landmarks.

3. More Manoeuvrable

As well as demanding less fuel and less money, economy vehicles are a lot easier to handle than larger models. Even if you own a larger model at home, it can be difficult to get used to the driving dynamics or blind-spot areas of another model. In contrast, economy cars often benefit from plenty of glass, making it easy to see all around you, and they will boast much tighter exterior dimensions. This makes them much easier and safer to drive in unknown environments, particularly crowded cities.

4. Greater Availability

Finally, you're likely to find that rental agencies carry a large selection of economy vehicles. If you want to pick one up, you're unlikely to find that there are none left. If you need to extend your rental period, your agency will be more amenable and less likely to stipulate a heavy charge if they have other similar models that can be rented out in the meantime.