Brake Repairs: Signs Your Vehicle Is In Dire Need Of Professional Attention

27 March 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Not having complete control over your braking system will inevitably lead to a catastrophic crash. Unfortunately, some motorists may not know if their brakes are declining, as they do not know how to spot the symptoms. As such, the telltale signs go ignored, leading to further exacerbation of the problem. Before you know it, you find that you are unable to slow down or bring your car to a stop and this can be terrifying. If you have just started driving, it is crucial to know what your vehicle is trying to communicate to you. Below are some signs that your brakes are in dire need of professional attention.

There are grinding noises emanating from the brakes

One of the first symptoms of brakes that are declining is strange noises emanating from them. If you begin to hear grinding noises, chances are the brake pads have become worn out. This leads to the metallic components grinding against each other, hence causing the grinding noises. If left unchecked, you will eventually lose all stopping power from your brakes. It would be crucial to take your vehicle to an auto mechanic and have your brakes examined.

The brakes feel spongy

Your brake pedal is supposed to feel firm and steady underfoot. When you apply pressure on the brake pedal as you slow down or come to a halt, you should be able to feel some resistance coming from the pedal as you push it toward the floor. If you start to notice that this resistance is waning or is completely diminished, it should be a warning sign that your brakes are in trouble. Spongy brakes are typically caused by worn brake pads. However, your brakes can also become spongy if air has made its way into the brake lines or if your vehicle has started to leak its brake fluid.

The brakes are vibrating

Your brakes should not shake or rattle when you are driving your vehicle. If you start to experience odd vibrations when you step on your brake pedal, it could imply that the brake rotors have become warped. The brake rotors are components that your brake pads will hold on to in an attempt to create friction. This friction is what allows you to slow down your vehicle. If the brake rotors have become warped, their surface will no longer be smooth. Thus, the brake pads will not grab onto them, and you find your braking power has significantly declined.